We recommend minimum of 50 to 100 votes to be on the final stage. These number are based on our previous year's competition.

But there is no fixed numbers to move on to final stage. It always depends on your competitor also.

We recommend you to collect more and more votes from your Spa & Wellness industry colleagues and your clients

Placing a voting banner / voting badge may take just 5 to 10 minutes.

But You need to contact your website designer / website developer to place the banner in your website.

You will receive points for every votes you receive.

1 Client Vote = 1 Point

1 Industry Vote = 4 Points

Industry Votes are from people who are working in Spa & Wellness, Beauty & Salon industry.

Yes. You can see each and every votes with the points in your award portal login.

We have a list of marketing activities mentioned in your login. Please login to your awards account portal and refer "Claim Points" section.