About the awards

About the awards


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The International Spa and Beauty Awards is an acknowledged global award event scheme. It centers around businesses within the spa and beauty industry. It is done by recognizing industrious Spa businesses all around the world who work tirelessly to provide excellent TLC for all clients but without getting recognition for the immensely enormous task they do.

In lieu of the erratic condition, the International Spa and Beauty Awards have determined to rectify the circumstance. As a result, we're extremely proud to offer some of the most inclusive and comprehensive award schemes in the world. Therefore, we are allowing the world's industrious and professional spas and beauty salons to maximize their potentials and receive remarkable recognition for the tremendous effort that they invest each day.

The International Spa and Beauty Awards is a global award-ceremony event with massive participants from over 60 different countries. This amazing event is hosted, managed, and organized by Golden Tree Events located in Dubai, UAE. With more than 1,100 nominations each year and a total sum of 150,000 voting points to be disseminated, our jury and selection process whittle-down its participants to 200 winners who deserve recognition for their tireless effort they commit into managing their Spas and Beauty Salon. All our distinguished judges come from a professional spa and beauty background, showing an unrivaled knowledge of the industry and therefore assisting them in identifying businesses who truly deserve to be recognized for their unwavering commitment to the Spa and Beauty sector.

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Our International Spa and Beauty Award is recognized across the world as the hilltop of success in the spa and beauty sector. We've been privileged to receive over 1000 entries for 2021, while the featured nominees include Mirrors Beauty Lounge in Dubai, the Sea Salt Spa in Papua New Guinea, the Clinique la Prairie Spa in Switzerland, and the Lillehammer Spa AS in Norway.

The International Spa and Beauty Awards are back in 2022 with much more to offer! So, if you reckon that your business offers diligent unique features and puts up to be one of the top spas or beauty salons in the world, don't hesitate to nominate your team today!





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The Golden Tree Events organizing and managing has received over 4000+ top global brands from 100+ countries around the world.


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