• Who can Participate / Nominate in International Spa & Beauty Awards ?

    The following companies from Spa, Wellness & Beauty industry can participate.

    • Spa / Wellness Centre
    • Hotel Spa
    • Independent Spa
    • Spa Chain
    • Airport Spa
    • Beauty Salon
    • Luxury Salon
    • Spa Supplier
    • Salon Supplier
    • Beauty Products
  • Who can Nominate my Spa / Salon ?

    All the nominations at International Spa & Beauty Awards are self-nomination basis. You can nominate your spa / salon.

  • How many categories can I nominate ?
    The Complimentary Nomination plan allows you to nominate any one Individual or Company for free of cost only under City-level competition.

    Note : You are obliged to order any one of the Winner package if you become a winner under the complimentary nomination plan.
  • Whom do I compete with & What is the Competition Level ?

    For every participants, We always consider the equivalent Peer.

    For Example :
    If you are 5 Star Hotel Spa then you will compete with another 5 Star Hotel Spa  in your region / area / country / city 
    if you are a independent Salon then you will compete with another independent Spa in your region / area / country / city 

    Competition Levels :

    • City Level
    • Country Level 
    • Regional / Continent Level 

  • We are a small or independent Spa / Salon. Can we participate ?
    Recognitions are NOT just for Big Players.

    At International Spa & Beauty Awards, We consider every company equal. Each company competes with their peers. Size, Revenue, Team size does not matter. 

    We look only on the quality of Service, Customer Reviews, Product Offering & etc
  • Can I nominate my Company individual ?

     You can nominate any of the following individual from your company.

    • Spa Owner
    • Spa Director
    • PR Director / PR Manager
    • CEO / Founder / CMO 
    • Therapist 
    • Marketing Director / Marketing Manager
    • Sales Director / Sales Manager

Fee / Cost Involved

  • What is the Nomination fee to participate in the award program ?

    No nomination fee to participate in International Spa & Beauty awards.

    You can also nominate your Spa therapist, Spa Director, Spa Manager, Spa Owner on complimentary basis.

  • What is a Winner package ?
    The Winner package helps you to promote your winning and take your branding to the next level. We have designed a variety of winner packages with lots of promotional items. 
    The Winner package includes the following.
    • RIGHTS to use International Spa & Beauty Awards Logo, Brand Name & Winner announcement to the public.
    • Winner Trophy
    • Winner Plaque
    • Winner Certificate - digital
    • Winner Badge - Digital
    • Website Listing Services & etc.
    Please refer to the winner package details at  https://internationalspaawards.com/wp-kit

  • Is there any other fee involved during voting & judging ?
    There is NO fee involved from Nomination till winning.
    If you chose to be one of the winner then you are eligible to order any of the winner package to publish your winning to your clients and promote.


  • Can I claim points for every campaign ?

    We have list of campaigns eligible for claiming votes. You can claim only once for each marketing campaign. 

    For Example :
    You can claim Facebook Share points once, Facebook Ads Once, WhatsApp Share once & etc.

    To claim Points, click "Claim Points" link /button in "My Nomination" Section

    Note : Every claims are subject to our team's approval

  • How many points do i get ?

    There is separate points for every campaign. Please refer "Claim Points" section for more details.

  • How many votes do I need to get be on final stage ?

    We recommend minimum of 50 to 100 votes to be on the final stage. These number are based on our previous year's competition.

    But there is no fixed numbers to move on to final stage. It always depends on your competitor also.

    We recommend you to collect more and more votes from your Spa & Wellness industry colleagues and your clients

  • How can I place voting badge in my website ?

    Placing a voting banner / voting badge may take just 5 to 10 minutes.

    But You need to contact your website designer / website developer to place the banner in your website.

  • What is Voting Points ?

    You will receive points for every votes you receive.

    1 Client Vote = 1 Point

    1 Industry Vote = 4 Points

    Industry Votes are from people who are working in Spa & Wellness, Beauty & Salon industry.

  • Can I see my voting Statistics or Report ?

    Yes. You can see each and every votes with the points in your award portal login.

  • How can I get more votes to win the award ?

    We have a list of marketing activities mentioned in your login. Please login to your awards account portal and refer "Claim Points" section.

Selection Process

  • How do you judge the winners ?

    Our jury team analyze each and every nominees and the winners are judged based on various factors. Few of them are as below.

    • First Level Jury Evaluation
    • Voting
    • inspection / Service Quality experience
    • Final Jury Evaluation.

    Please refer the judging criteria at https://internationalspaawards.com/app/judging-criteria/

  • Who are all the Judges ?

    We have a wide range of Jury from Spa & Wellness industry, Hotel Industry ( GM, Spa Director, Spa Manager ) & Beauty industry.

    You can look at the "Jury Team" section at International Spa & Beauty Awards Website

  • What are all the factors do you consider during the judging process ?

    Please refer our judging criteria at https://internationalspaawards.com/app/judging-criteria/

  • When does the final jury evaluation starts & ends ?

    Please refer schedule for Jury evaluations process at https://internationalspaawards.com/app/schedule/

  • What are all the parameters do you check during Jury Evaluation ?

    During Jury evaluation process we check over 50+ Parameters. Following are few of them.

    • Product Offering
    • Your company's USP
    • Ambience
    • Treatment Offering
    • Your Customer / Client Reviews
    • Your Marketing channels
    • Management Team's Experience
    • Therapist Experience
    • Treatment room quality / setup
    • Beauty products used for treatments
    • and lot more

After Winning

  • What are all the benefits do I get If I am a winner ?

    You will receive lots and lots of benefits if you become the winner of International Spa & Beauty Awards. Few of them are as below.

    • RIGHTS to use international Spa & Beauty Awards Brand Name, Logo, Website & related Materials.
    • Winner Certificate - Digital
    • Winner Badge - Digital
    • Winner Email Signature - Digital
    • Social Media Winner Post - Digital
    • Winner Trophy
    • Winner Plaque 
    • PR Services
    • Email blasts to 10,000+ spa around the world.
    • Highlight in Winner Magazine 
    • Lot more benefits 

    Please Note that Since International Spa & Beauty awards do not charge anything till the winning, There is a minimal fee applicable for the above winner packages.

  • How can I order winner package ?

    You can order a winner package at our website. We will share the link to place the order once you are shortlisted as winner.

    ONLY winners can order winner package. 

  • What is the charges for the Winner Package ?

    Since International Spa & Beauty Awards do NOT charge any fee till the winning, There is  a nominal fee applicable to order for the winner to order the winner package.

    NOTE : ONLY winner is eligible to order winner package.

    Please refer the winner package pricing at https://internationalspaawards.com/app/fee-cost-involved/

  • Can I publish my winning without ordering winner package ?

    No. ONLY winners who order winner package receive the RIGHTS TO USE the following

    • International Spa & Beauty Awards Brand Name
    • Rights to Publish winner announcement
    • International Spa & Beauty Awards Logo
    • Any online / offline materials related to International Spa & Beauty Awards

    Considering the Covid situations, We have reduced our winner package cost upto 50% to make sure it is suitable and affordable for every spa company.

  • Can I use International Spa & Beauty Awards Name / Logo / other Materials ?

    We offer the RIGHTS to use International Spa & Beauty Awards Brand Name, Logo and Other materials only for the winners who order winner package.