About The International Spa Awards

The International Spa and Beauty Awards is the most prestigious global award scheme for businesses within the spa and beauty field, recognizing those businesses from around the world who work tirelessly to provide excellent TLC for every one of their clients – often without getting credit for the immensely hard work they do.

Here at the International Spa and Beauty Awards, we were determined to change this – and so, we’re immensely proud to offer some of the most thorough and comprehensive award schemes globally, giving the most hard-working and professional spas and beauty salons the chance to showcase their full potential and enjoy a little recognition for the immensely hard work they put in, each and every day!

The International Spa and Beauty Awards is hosted and managed by Golden Tree Events Organizing and Managing, Dubai, UAE, and we operate worldwide with participants from over sixty different countries. With over 1,100 nominations annually and a grand total of 150,000 voting points to be allocated, our jury and selection process whittles the entrants down to just 200 winners, all of whom deserve recognition for the tireless effort they put into managing their spas and beauty salons. Our jury of judges all hail from a professional spa and beauty background, giving them an unrivaled expertise in the field – and helping them pick out those few establishments deserving of recognition for their truly incredible dedication to the industry.

Our International Spa and Beauty Award is globally recognized and represents the pinnacle of achievement within the beauty and spa industry. For 2021, we received well over 1000 entrants, and some of our featured nominees included the Mirrors Beauty Lounge in Dubai, the Sea Salt Spa in Papa New Guinea, the Clinique la Prairie Spa in Switzerland, and the Lillehammmer Spa AS in Norway.

For 2022, the International Spa and Beauty Awards are heading back with even more to offer – so, if you think your establishment offers something truly unique and has what it takes to be one of the best spas or beauty salons in the world, please don’t hesitate to nominate your team today!